I´m Sanna Kuitunen, born 1980, a freelance photographer and a journalist living in a middle of Finland and also middle of great Finnish forests. I´m also a professional artisan, a fan of small cottages,  a hobby gardener, a food enthusiast and a traveler –  to name a few.

I have made an almost two decade´s career in a media business as a writing journalist and a photographer. Nowadays I run my own business and focus more and more on photography, but also write articles. I work as freelancer for different medias. My strongest expertise are in photojournalism and storytelling. I also produce videos and do event and marketing photography on request.

I have graduated 2018 for Specialist Qualification in Photograph, competence area in photojournalism.

I´m available for all kinds of professional photography ja freelance assignments in Finland and also abroad.

Here you can find my CV in Finnish.

Please don´t hesitate to contact:

Sanna Kuitunen

Äänekoski – Finland

Telefone: +358 40 738 7811

Email: sannakuitunenphoto@gmail.com or designluode@gmail.com