Sanna Kuitunen, born 1980, is a freelance photographer and a journalist living in a middle of Finland and also middle of great Finnish forests. She is also a professional artisan, a fan of small cottages,  a hobby gardener, a food enthusiast and a traveler –  to name a few.

Sanna has made an almost two decade´s career in a media business as a writing journalist and a photographer. Nowadays she run her own business and focus more and more on photography. Her stongest expertise are in photojournalism and portraits. She also loves to take photos froms streets when she travels abroad.

She´s currently gatfering more skills and studying for Specialist Qualification in Photograph, competence area in photojournalism.

Sanna´s photos has been awarded one of Finlands best feature story´s year 2009. She has also been several times as a writer a part of a winning team in the Finland´s best feature story´s -competition.

Sanna is available for all kinds of professional photography ja freelance assignments in Finland and also abroad.



Sanna Kuitunen

Äänekoski – Finland

Telefone: +358 40 738 7811